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 New collection & Fashion Film in collaboration with Mila van der Linden

Screenshot 2020-09-21 at 16.08.19.png

Mulas Hybrid Haus sought to disturb how fashion is presented, and collaborated with Mila van der Linden to conceal MHH’s new collection behind the short film ‘Mirror Soul’. Functioning as a part- fashion collection reveal, part- social scrutinization, it cleverly weaves MHH’s collection into a fierce vision of how to combat a modern-day epidemic: the prevalence of loneliness amidst total abundance.

Mirror Soul playfully confronts this Societal paradox. Against a backdrop of heavy electronic music, a commotion of visuals and animations, and dreamy narration, the “Mirror Soul Therapy”, is cheesily peddled to the ‘Lonely’, reminiscent of a daytime TV Infomercial. It shows the potential of sarcasm in fashion, both as a remedy to the fashion’s historical ego, and as a tool to address more serious issues. 


Like all MHH’s creations, the collection is underscored by the power of repurposing old and forgotten into the new and reimagined. MHH cunningly revives female bridal wear and up-cycles male suits, to reframe our perspective on one of society’s great symbols of companionship.

Scored by the self-produced, analogue sounds of Mila van der Linden herself, Mila and MHH made no concessions in presenting Amsterdam’s latest contribution to the Fashion ethos.

Full Film published on DAZED Digital 

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