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MULAS HYBRID HAUS is a fashion label and creative studio that aspires to unite extremes, stereotypes and unknown territories. 


Blending both the untouched and exploited handles of fashion by transforming those into “hybrid wear”. Dressing and undressing bodies, objects, spaces and places whilst aiming to challenge the perception of fashion and the act of dressing.


We argue the current way of production and the lifecycle of clothing. 


We position ourselves as a Hybrid Haus, in order to be a fashion label and creative studio where input and output is fluid and ever-changing. We make clothing and living stories. 

After graduating from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2018, Jessica van Halteren started Mulas Hybrid Haus. A hybrid design studio were multidisciplinary design visions blend and conceptual collaborations are translated into tangible projects.  


With a critical vision on the current fashion industry, Van Halteren aims to show a new perspective on fashion. Why do we always work towards an end-product? Can’t we instead perceive creation in a more hybrid way? This might allow us to create with the ingredients that we already have instead of continuously consume new sources.


Through multiple collaborations Mulas Hybrid Haus is on it’s way to spread out both the beautiful and critical side of fashion and all aspects it interfaces with. 


Motorkade 11


Studio: Motorkade 11

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