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Fashion Video Artwork for VondelCS in collaboration with Mila van der Linden 

GIFS VondelCS - Mulas en Milas - 30 dece

Dark Love Chapter 01

For our newest collection we will dive into the world of “bridal-wear”. Chapter 01 addresses self-love vs. narcissism; the bright ánd dark side of love for oneself. A reflection on traditional marriage, shifting perceptions of modern relationships and sologamy. 


The project was launched in collaboration with visual artist Mila van der Linden. Visuals of dancing, self-seducing figures were projected on the windows of VondelCS, the heart of the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. 

Visuals: Mila van der Linden
Styling: Vicenta Ferreira Pinheiro, Tirino Yspol 

Hair & Make-up: Wout Philipo
Location: VondelCS

Technique: JUR 

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